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Celebrating Dental Assistants, All Week Long!

Because one day of celebration just isn’t enough, we set aside an entire week (March 3-9, 2019) to show our appreciation. Your service to patients gets more important with every passing year as the art and science of dentistry evolves and your role grows in complexity. That’s why we love the theme chosen this year by the American Dental Assistants Association: “Today’s Dental Assistant — Polished, Poised and Professional.” Are you ever! We thank you for everything you do every single…

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Watching their giveback grow: Dental team celebrates 24 years of educating kids

Preschoolers in one of the first classes Mary Turcan Majewski, EFDA (shown) taught during National Children’s Dental Health Month are now turning 27. Mary, as part of the duo from Watkins Dental Group in Dallas, Pennsylvania, provides dental education in the community. She explained a bit about the 30-minute program she and colleague Jennifer Clarke, RDH, have been sharing for 24 years at schools, day care centers and Head Start programs. (Photos Courtesy Luzerne County Community College)      

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Creating a Culture of Possibility – Libby Gill

The most significant – and often overlooked – element in the workplace today, hope is the critical component that drives success. There’s an old joke… “If you’re leading and nobody’s following, maybe you’re just taking a walk.” So what are those elusive qualities of leadership that create the kind of engaged and collaborative followship that drives high performance? That’s a question that has been discussed and debated by everyone from Alexander the Great to Jack Welch. I believe that there…

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Do You Know How Others Perceive You? – Libby Gill

  • March 25, 2016
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You don’t always need a formal 360 Assessment to see how others see you. Try this simple strategy to determine other’s perceptions of you… When I was heading public relations for one of the entertainment studios, I hired a talented woman I’ll call Victoria. She had an Ivy League education, impeccable references and an impressive résumé. Victoria had only been on board about a month when my staff discovered that it was her birthday. A lively mix of marketing and…

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Giving Back to Those in Need – Dr. Cyndi Blalock

It’s so nice to be needed, isn’t it?  As dentists, we can pretty much bet every single person will need us for something at one point or another.  Most people know that a broken tooth, a cavity, or a toothache means a dentist is the best person to help them solve their problem.  But for those that are unable to see a dentist due to financial reasons or because there isn’t a dentist where they live, it can be a…

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